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Everything You Need To Know About Garage Door Repair in Denver

Creating an ultimate guide to garage repair in Denver means putting all the information about garage repair and Denver in one place so that it can be criticized. This is a living working document that will constantly be updated so if you have any information that is missing please type it in with a comment below.

A1 Garage Doors is a family owned and operated LLC that has been running in Denver since 2004. Shannon and Christian Dudnick are the owner operators.

What is Garage Door Repair?

– Anything that touches the garage opening of your home. The garage door itself and all the components of the garage door including the panels, the hinges, the garage door track, the rollers, remotes, rubber seal, garage windows, the garage opener and the overall security of the garage door is included in garage repair.

Most garage door systems are rated to 10,000 openings. If you open and close your garage door an average of 3 times a day then your garage door should last 6 – 10 years. The average garage door is used 1,500 times a year. (https://www.popularmechanics.com/home/outdoor-projects/how-to/a6041/garage-door-opener-how-it-works/)

Here is a graphic of the garage door components with labels.

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are the most dangerous part of the garage door and it’s the number one reason that you would hire a company who specializes in garage doors. Broken garage door springs is the number one repair that we fix.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two main types of garage door springs used in the installation and operation of garage doors, extension springs, and torsion springs.The most common type of garage door springs are torsion springs, which are mounted over the top of the door opening and wind back and forth as the door is opened or closed. When exposed to repeated use, the springs weaken, and if left unattended, they will eventually break and require replacement. Extension Springs are mounted along the garage door rails and expand and contract up and down when in use.

The purpose of the springs is to counterbalance the entire weight of the door. A great way to test to see if your door is properly balanced is to remove it from the drive by pulling on the red rope or the red handle and lifting it up halfway. If the door stays balanced in the center of the door without any assistance then it is properly balanced. If it isn’t properly balanced then it will be putting undue stress on the garage opener, the door, the track and the springs which will reduce the lifespan of all of the affected components of the garage door.

Replacing garage door springs is the number one thing we get called out to do and it’s also the thing that we are the most prepared to handle. In most cases we can get you up and running with same day service.


Do not under any circumstances try to operate your garage door if the springs are broken.

Without torsion or extension springs counter balancing the weight of the garage door the operator will burn up, the door could fall off the tracks, the ‘J’ arm could get bent or any number of things that could trap you and your cars inside your garage. This is just making a bad problem worse. The best thing to do if you have broken springs and you need to evacuate your cars immediately is to pull the red handled rope attached to th ‘J’ arm and recruit some of your neighbors to help you lift your garage. WARNING you may have a garage door that is too heavy to lift? Garage Doors weigh anywhere from one hundred to one thousand pounds or more. Attempting to lift more weight than you can handle is hazardous to your health. If the door is too heavy don’t attempt to lift it because you may not be able to lift it all the way up and it could come crashing down causing even more damage or harm to you including death. People have died from garage doors crashing down on them.

Garage Door Maintenance

And Prolonging the life of your garage door – A garage door tune-up.

80% of Garage Doors built in Colorado between 1980 & 2000 were the Ankmar 2000. These doors are constructed from heavy wood particle board and molded wood products.

Lubricate Every 6 Mo.

Do not grease your garage door Tracks!

Wood Vs. Metal Garage Doors

Sometimes you just can’t tell the difference.

The fact is that today you just cannot tell from the street if a door is wood, metal or fiberglass these days, so finding the door that meets your specific criteria is a lot easier. Metal doors are lighter, more environmentally sustainable and last longer than wood doors. All of these qualities also makes them much more quiet when opening and closing.

Whisper Quiet Garage Doors

The days of old squeaky rusty garage doors are gone. With laser accurate installation, new rollers and belt driven operators it won’t sound like opening a dungeon when you click the garage door to open up.

Smart Garage Doors – IOT Garage Doors – Secure Delivery Garage Doors

These are the newest garage door openers. We hope that this is the last garage door you’ll ever have to buy.

Smart Garage Doors operate most of their functions from your phone. Download the My Q app to test the functionality and quickness: (Button only works on smartphone devices)






Smart garage doors give you the ability to monitor your garage activity remotely. These new devices also sync with Amazon for contactless entry automatically built into your Amazon account.

This customer explains why he elected to install the Liftmaster 85503 DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi With Integrated Camera Garage Door Opener.

Prices of Garage Door Repair – How much does garage door repair typically cost?

We shop the competition for you to ensure that you always get the best prices.

Xai Pannuty, Josh Marvin, Jordan and Brittany are standing by 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

Check out our products, prices and reviews on our Google Guaranteed Service Listing:

Insulated Garage Doors

Solid metal garage doors have the absolute lowest R-value Solid wood doors provide an R-value of 2. Insulated garage doors can provide an R-value from 5 to 30 or more.

Types Of Garage Doors

There are six types of Garage doors.

  • Sectional
  • Roll Up
  • Tilt Up Retractable (one Piece or Bi-Fold Garage Doors)
  • Tilt Up Canopy
  • Side Hinge
  • Slide To The Side

All of these garage types come in residential and commercial models. Commercial Garage Doors and Designer garage doors are unique and attractive to modern designers and architects. Homes are required to function at a higher degree now and building planners are utilizing these new garage door advancements. New garage door installation takes about 4 hours and includes free removal of your old garage door.

Sectional Garage Doors

95% of all garage doors are sectional garage doors. They have horizontal panels connected by hinges. Sometimes they have windows on the top and there is a new trend for putting windows in vertically along one side.

Roll Up Garage Doors

Rollup garage doors are great for small spaces like a small garage with low head room, or a sipping container conversion. These roll up garage doors are completely customizable so their great for food trucks or food service windows. Windows are not advised in these roll up style garage doors.

Tilt-up Retractable Garage Doors

Also referred to as ‘swing-up’ or ‘one piece’ garage doors. These doors are rigid and swing into place. These ‘tilt-up’ retractable garage doors lift up and into the garage. The doors are suspended independently from the frame, so they do not protrude past the front of the house.

While some home owners love the old world style and feel of a garage door with this functionality it provides the least amount of space to and is not ideal for tight spaces. Because they are more difficult to operate they are more difficult to install and more expensive in the long run.

Tilt-up Canopy Garage Doors

Tilt-up canopy garage doors are the solution to tilt-up retractable garage doors and have been used often to increase the design value of a living space. See these examples below.

The bi-fold garage door is a type of tilt-up canopy garage door. The Bi-Fold garage doors are typically used in airplane hangars.

Side Hinge or Carriage Garage Doors

Side hinged garage doors are inexpensive to install but expensive to operate unless you don’t intend to install an operator at all. These can be good for auto sales showrooms where the cars seldom come in and out of the garage or for reasons where the man door is used more often.

Slide to the Side Garage Doors

Depending on the shape of your garage door you may need to consider a slide to the side garage door. These are similar to the interior slide to the side doors that have been designed to divide rooms in large spaces.

Garage door repair services for all these different types of garage doors can be quoted over the phone in five minutes or less.

Garage Door Screen Door

With the ability to live outdoors 8 months out of the year Colorado homeowners have plenty of reasons to install a screen door over their garage door opening. The Garage space is now considered one of the major living spaces of the house and converting that space into more livable square footage may only be a screen door away.

High Speed Garage Doors

Apartment buildings, parking garages, and car dealerships understand the value of high speed garage doors. When every second counts and counting the seconds doesn’t add up, consider a high speed garage door.

Car dealerships use high speed garage doors because of the large volume of traffic that goes in and out all day long.

Whatever type of garage door repair service do you need?

does them all.


The Garage Company Industry and in Denver, CO locally and their history.

These are the garage door manufacturing brands that you may be familiar with.


And there are local companies who are shell companies who market themselves to you as a garage repair company, but they are really just a call center created to move you through the lead generation factory to get paid for marketing with no office here in Denver.

They may be good at advertising but who knows how good they are at giving you the best service?

A1 Garage Doors has been operating as a family owned Colorado company since 2004. Competitor brands have come and gone but we’re here to stay. Don’t be fooled by look-a-likes or copy-cats. We are the original A1 Garage Door Company in Colorado. You’ll be able to tell if the person on the phone knows what they’re talking about or just feeding you a line from a sales script if you ask them where their office is located. The tricks they will use is to ask you what your zip code is. The other thing they will do is tell you that they are downtown or on Broadway or try to distract you. Buyer beware! We have found other companies masquerading around town with our name.

Commercial Garage Doors

With bigger jobs come bigger tools to do the job. Calculating the capacity of the torsion system to the exact weight and use of the door is critical to a proper commercial garage door installation. Springs can be loaded to collect thousands of pounds of balled up energy and if done manually could require 2 or 3 hours of hand winding a garage door spring. We understand that fast service is crucial in commercial garage door repair because money can literally be flying out the window every minute your garage door isn’t in functioning properly.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

When you get trapped sometimes it’s not at the most convenient time to leave your vehicle in the garage. You need to get out quick and your next door handyman might not know how to repair garage doors?

Keep our phone number handy: (303) 825-1566

We have technicians spread out strategically around the city of Denver, CO area so that we can provide quick response within an hour. Our guarantee is 90 minutes.

If you’re in the first two circles we can usually get to you with emergency garage door repair services in 45 minutes. When the call goes out to our guys for emergency garage door services the first one to respond get’s the work. If none of the guys respond in the first 5 minutes I come out myself.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Openers are at the heart of your garage door system. We’ve entered a new age of smart garage doors that now come with internet technology. Operating and making sure that everything inside your garage door is secure is now easier than ever. Garage door openers can be repaired but are cost prohibitive and it is likely that it’s just time for a new garage door opener. Our garage door openers come with a limited lifetime warranty and since our installers expertly update your garage door track, spring and drive chain the labor is guaranteed for 2 years.

To learn more about each of the garage doors that we carry please visit the garage door openers page on our website: https://a1-doors.com/garage-door-openers/

Garage Door Replacement: When It’s Time (how to know)

The newly installed garage door system is rated for 10,000 revolutions. Depending on use your garage door should last 6 – 10 years with regular maintenance.
If Jeff Foxworthy was a garage door technician he might say;
If your garage is extremely noisy. . . It might be time to replace the garage door.
If you have to get out of the car and open and close the garage door yourself. . .
If you can’t open and close the garage door with your smartphone. . .
If you spend more time in your garage than your house. . .
If Amazon can’t put all your boxes inside your garage automatically. . . you might need garage door replacement.

Whatever your suspicions one of our garage door technicians will give you a 100% comprehensive analysis of your entire garage door system for $20. If you decide to go ahead with any of the work we will apply the $20 back to the repairs.

24-Hour Garage Door Repair

Same day service – We know that you don’t want to wait for the garage door to be repaired and that’s why we’ve organized our team to be able to provide 14-Hour Garage Door Repair.