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Save Money On Garage Door Repair in Parker

Several of our office staff and technicians live in Parker so it’s always a quick trip to check things out if you need us in a pinch. 

     Parker has several new neighborhoods and communities and while the average garage door was built to last 20 years or more these neighborhoods have been upgrading the looks of their garages with new wood toned steel garage doors that would fool anyone standing 5 ft. away or further.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Spring Repair – The Most Common Garage Door Fix

When the temperature changes in your Garage, the torsion spring can crack the steel, causing the spring to break 🙁 Continuing to operate the garage in this condition will cause more damage and future repair costs. The best thing to do if you want to get out is to pull the red cord and find two people to lift the door. Be careful! These doors can weigh 150 – 500 lbs and more. Learn more HERE.

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