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You might not realize how difficult it is to paint a garage door. Did you know that you could void your warranty if you paint your own garage doors? Have you read the fine print? 

Problems with painting garage doors – 

  1. The panels
  2. The windows
  3. The temperature conditions while painting
  4. The coatings
  5. The color

The number one problem with painting your garage door is accidentally getting the paint in between the panels and accidentally painting your garage doors together. Other problems all come second to this one when painting your garage door. 

The conditions for painting in Denver, Colorado specifically are extra special. We have cold winters and sometimes the temperature is too low for proper paint application and in the summer the hot sun can completely burn paint as it’s drying. Of course the viscosity of the paint is important and if your house paint has had it’s temporary resting place in your garage where temperatures get below 32 degrees then you will need to buy a new can because when paint freezes the viscosity in the paint breaks down. 

When painting around the windows in Denver, Colorado make sure to use a paintable silicone but try not to paint in the ⅛” gap that divides the window and the metal. Use a white, brown, black or clear silicone instead. 

All of these reasons, not to mention your time, are all good reasons to have a garage door specialist like A1 Garage Doors do the task of painting your garage for you. 

In Denver Colorado there are garage door companies and then there is the original. Fixing Denver one garage door at a time, A1 Garage Doors. 

Painting Garage Doors in Denver: