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How to Manually Open Your Garage Door

by Sep 3, 2019Garage Tips

Few cities know the pain of a strong winter storm better than Denver. Here, mother nature could drop a few feet of snow or a downpour of rain, quickly, and leave your house without power. And nothing is worse than needing to get out of your garage to get supplies, or get back into your home for warmth, and the garage door won’t open. In the event of a power outage, you should be prepared to manually open your garage door. We’ll explain the steps to safely put a garage door into manual mode, as well as helpful tips for minimizing damage in the process.Garage door repair denver

Step 1

The first and most important step is to ensure that your garage door is fully closed before you attempt to engage an emergency cord. If you must disengage the door while it is open, be sure to have 2×4’s handy to prop the door up.

Step 2

Use a ladder to safely find and reach the emergency cord. You are looking for a red manual release handle that hangs down from the center rail of the garage door system. By pulling on this rope you will put the garage door into manual mode, which is why having the door closed is imperative. If the door is up when you pull this cord, it can come crashing down.

Step 3

If the power is out for an extended period of time, or the motor itself is not functioning properly, you will want to keep the garage in the manual setting. Be sure to always pull the red cord down and back towards the back of the garage (towards the motor) when putting it into manual mode so that the rope does not get caught up in the tracks.

Step 4

Be sure to lock the door when you are finished. When the garage door is in manual mode it does not lock automatically. You must slide the lock bar inside.

Note that if the door does not open easily, you should have a professional from A1 Garage Doors come look at it. Attempting to pull harder on the emergency cord or tracks can result in causing serious damage to the system.

Step 5

When the power comes back on, you can reconnect the garage door opener. The door should be in the down position and the lock bar should be removed prior to attempting to use your opener. Reengage the door by pulling down on the cord again, this time pulling toward the door opening. Pull up on the door until it snaps back into place and can be used in automatic mode again.

Step 6

You can also hit the button on your remote garage door opener and the track will move the spring attachment back into place for use.


Helpful tips to remember when putting the garage door into manual mode:

  • You should never pull the emergency cord if the door is completely stuck in its open position. The door will quickly shut with enough force to damage anything in its closing path.
  • Prior to attempting to move a garage door into manual mode, always be sure to clear the area of people, animals, and objects.
  • Never hang or pull excessively on the emergency cord. If you have to pull so hard that the cord might break, reach out to one of our professionals instead. It’s not worth risking further damage to your door.
  • If you notice further damage, or your door is opening unevenly, it’s definitely time to contact us. Where springs and tensions are involved, the average homeowner can do much more harm than good when attempting to repair damage.

But isn’t there a way you can just prevent this issue altogether? The good news is, the answer to this question is yes! Many garage door manufacturers now offer automatic garage door openers that include battery backup. So, even in the event of a power outage, you will be able to utilize your garage door. Ask the experts at A1 Garage Doors about getting a battery backup option installed in your home today. Our family-owned business proudly serves the Denver and surrounding area for all its garage door needs.