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High Lift Garage Doors

Space is value. The high lift garage door is one that allows you the most space in your garage. It is built in such a way that the door tracks up, going as close to the ceiling as possible before making the curve thereby affording your garage precious space. If space is what you most prioritize then the high lift garage door is the most valuable door for you.

High Lift Garage: Features and Benefits

A high lift garage door would come handy if you desire space in your garage. You probably have odds and stuff on the floor, making more room in the ceiling would afford you the space to fit in as much equipment as possible.

If you are thinking of fitting in more than just one car in your garage via a car-lift then you need a high lift garage. The space that would be created overhead will comfortably accommodate two of your cars. Some taller vehicles may not fit into your standard garage for which the space from the high-lift becomes valuable.

If your intention does not include the need for accommodation of an additional car or for more equipment in your garage, if you just want to have more allowance on your garage for the sake of the freedom and the free air that comes with such space, then go ahead and have the high lift garage.

High Lift Garage for Commercial and Residential

High lift garages are usually seen in commercial areas, this is because these buildings need the space to accommodate more vehicles and door clearance. They are now becoming more popular in homes. Wherever you need this, A-1 Garage Doors will fix it. We have been in this business of installing high lift garage doors for years. Our experts have the experience, the resources, and the skill to get the most suitable high lift garage door for you.

Lift up garage doors are the door of choice for older homes, sectional garage doors are now the standard door available to homeowners for several reasons. A sectional roll-up door is made of four or more horizontal sections, hinged together, and mounted with rollers on tracks so that the door.

Garage door lift is defined by how many inches above the top of the door opening that your. garage door will sit when it is in the open position. The lift is determined by the garage door. track it comes in two different styles one is low headroom and the other is standard lift.

High Lift Garage Door Conversion in Denver

If you already have the regular garage door and desire a high lift upgrade, it is doable. And you do not need to get rid of your old garage door. The bulk of the conversion happens with the tracks, and the torsion springs; the drums, the cables, the spring bars, and bear plates. We would be able to convert aluminum, steel, fiber, and light wood doors into a high lift setting that would serve your purpose. However, some doors can prove too heavy or too old for the conversion for which we would provide you with a new door. Fixing in new doors is one of our expertise and we would use this as an opportunity to get you a modern door that ticks the aesthetic and safety boxes.

In a high lift conversion, your old garage door opener would probably not work with the new setting. This may add to your cost but this is a great chance to get a newer, qualitative garage door opener. This is familiar ground for us at A-1 Garage Doors as our experts have experience in installing garage door openers and would provide you with the best fit for your new garage.