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Garage Door Service and Repair Denver

Garage Door Repair

The garage is one useful section of the home. It is perhaps that part of the home which you have the most complex relationship with. You do not love the garage, you do not hate it; in fact, you may not have thought of your garage as something that you can ascribe emotion to. But right inside of you, in some unspoken corner of your mind, you know that the garage is not just a part of your home but among the most crucial ones.

Your garage serves as home to your prized car(s), it serves as security against theft, and protection from the elements. In the center of the usefulness of your garage is your garage door. Your garage door carries the bulk of the activities of your garage. It opens and closes, goes up and down, from point to point, day and night, steady. It can serve you for years but there will come a time when your garage door may no longer serve you as well as it should.

Repair of Sagging Doors in Denver Metro Area

When you notice that your garage door no longer shuts evenly, or sags to one side, the problem may be due to the balance alignment of the door. To the inexperienced eyes, this is a normal issue and they may elect to ignore it. If you have noticed it, then it has gone beyond an issue to be neglected or handled yourself. Contact A-1 Garage Doors right away and have your door returned to its perfect alignment.

We Fix Frayed Cables and Dented Pulleys

The cables in your garage door can become weak with use and time. Sometimes, this problem comes as a package with the issue of dented pulleys. Show no worries as these glitches are within our expertise and would be fixed with dependable and durable replacements.

We Service Slacken Rollers and Tracks

Because your garage door is heavy, its activities and impacts can become too much on the rollers which put your door at the verge of collapsing and you and your loved ones in the risk of a fatal accident.

Once you notice this difficulty, contact us and we would have an expert call on you and correct the anomaly within the shortest time possible.

We Offer Garage Door Replacement

There are times when the problem with your garage door is so much that a repair will no longer serve your safety and security concerns. In this case, A-1 Garage Doors will remove your old door and haul it away. In its place, we will get a modern, high-quality door for you. When it comes to this, we consider two things. One, we see this as an opportunity to improve the beauty and value of your home, and two, we improve the safety and security of your home with the replacement.

Plus Preventive and General Maintenance

From time to time, usually once a year, you need an expert to come to your apartment and inspect your door. If you contact us, we would send a technician. They would check the door, lube it and make minor adjustments and fixes. This will save you the cost of repairing it when the issue becomes a fault; also, this will enable your garage door last longer, maintain its value and give you peace of mind.

Why Choose A-1 Garage Doors

Because at A1-Garage Doors, we prioritize excellence and we have a team of experts who know the entire workings of garage doors, a team whose number one objective is to service your garage door and bring it to its optimal best performance, a team you would love to have working for you, with you and achieving a result that would last for years.

An Important Note About Installation:

For your added security we walk you step by step through programming your remote controls. This will insure that you are the only one with access to your garage and your home. Use caution when allowing a technician from another company to program your remote controls. They could easily program an additional remote control to gain access to your home.