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Garage Door Opener Repairs by A1 Garage Doors

Garage Door Opener Repair

Some things are useful beyond explication, things like eating, breathing and getting your garage door opened while seated in your comfortable car. You might not appreciate the power of your door opener until you come home someday and press the remote and your garage door won’t open. You might call it an act of exercise opening the door manually, but you won’t be too eager for this exercise in a storm.

At A-1 Garage Doors, we would be your garage door opener repairer in Denver Metro Area and surrounding areas. We handle a variety of garage door brands and problems with a professional touch and brilliance that would serve you and restore your garage door opener to perfection.

Garage Door Closing Halfway

Sometimes your garage door opens perfectly but fails to close fully, this is a seemingly simple issue but the causes are numerous. It may be the garage door set-limit which motors the running of the door. Different brands of garage doors have unique set-limit systems and should be handled separately, thankfully our experts are capable of troubleshooting the fault and providing a lasting remedy.

The fault may be safety sensors. Something may be blocking the sightline or the brackets, whatever the cause, our technicians will find it and fix it and get your door opener running smoothly and closing flawlessly.

Garage Door Opening Halfway

Like the door closing halfway, this is a usual fault with garage door openers. When your garage door fails to open completely, it sometimes open enough for your car to pass through. But this, too, is a fault and shouldn’t be ignored. This may be because of the failure of alignment between the up-limit and motor unit, or because of damaged rollers, or caused by blockage in the bracket.

The cause of shouldn’t keep you up at night, just call us and let our well-trained professionals handle the situation.

Garage Door Reversing Up

In this case, your door opens well but fails to close well. Not just that it fails to close, it reverses and motors back up. Sometimes this happens midway to the floor, in other times this reversals starts immediately the door hits the floor. The flaw can be due to garage door opener screw maladjustment, or damaged or corroded rollers, the true problem which our experts will dictate and correct to have your garage serving you with perfect normalcy.

Garage Door Not Responding to Switch and Remote

If your garage door does not respond to the remote, it probably is the battery. If, however, the door does not respond to the wall switch, then it is the garage door opener. The cause of this may be the garage door motor unit, the antenna, the door opener circuit, the fuse, or any of the other components of the garage door opener. It may also be the programming of the garage door opener needs reprogramming and resetting.

At A-1 Garage Doors, there is no single fault we cannot decipher and there is no problem we cannot handle and restore to full functionality.

The Benefits of Working with A-1 Garage Doors

When you think of A-1 Garage Doors, think of us as a home where every garage door opener can find succor for its ailment, think of A-1 Garage Doors as partners in giving your garage door opener the care and treatment it needs to function effortlessly and serve you better, think of our team of experts as friends who would call at your apartment when you need them, work on your garage door openers, make it perfect and leave you happy.

An Important Note About Installation:

For your added security we walk you step by step through programming your remote controls. This will insure that you are the only one with access to your garage and your home. Use caution when allowing a technician from another company to program your remote controls. They could easily program an additional remote control to gain access to your home.