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How much does it cost to fix a spring?
–With our coupons, a single spring installed is typically runs 150-225 installed.
How much is a new door?
–Traditional doors will range 850-1700 depending on size, model, insulation factors, windows, decorative hardware packages, etc…
How much is a new opener?
–With our coupons, they range from 375-750 installed, depending on the model best fit for their door
How much is the service call?
–$20 waived w/repairs.
When can you fix my door?
–Normally we can do same-day service.
Insulated garage door?
This is going to be a fully insulated 2″ thick steel on steel sandwich style door with polystyrene foam in the middle. R value 10.5. Upgrade to polyurethane insulated garage door available with R value of 17.5.
Wood doors?
All wood doors are custom and require 6 weeks for delivery after your order. Wood doors are not as common today because when you hit it you can’t replace just one panel you have to replace the whole thing. The wood doors are always 10X heavier than steel doors so you are going to need to use large, high torque tension springs and a heavy duty motor. Steel doors weigh 150 lbs without insulation and wood doors weigh 1000 lbs. or more.
Get approval, and see what they accept. Let me look at your house, I usually know what to order for you but most HOA’s will require you to get approval before you install the door. In the 80’s & 90’s 80% of the doors installed in the neighborhoods were the wood Ankmar 2000 but today those are being replaced with all steel garage doors that match the style, look and color of the neighborhood and luckily for you the cost is a lot less and the doors last a lot longer.
There are a bunch of options but if you add regular windows it will cost another 2 – 300 on any garage door. Window tint, insulated or mirrored windows can cost an additional 4 – $600.
Color Options?
White and almond are always in stock. Desert tan and sandstone, Brown, Black are all custom and could require up to 2 – 3 weeks to be installed. Wood Tone colors are going to take 2 – 3 weeks. Oak, mahogany, driftwood (beautiful). Dark oak, Cedar, Natural Oak, Walnut. If you want paint then you can. We can recommend someone. The cost is usually around $350.
There is a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty on all panels. and 2 years on parts. Springs should last anywhere from 7 – 10 years. Rated for 10,000 cycles.
Glass Doors?
Glass doors are called Full views. We have to understand what you want. Full view doors start at $3k and scale up from there. They are wonderful for cafe’s and back door courtyards, rooftop patios and penthouse walk outs. The design choices are endless with full view garage doors and we are here to make sure your designing experience is a snap.
Smart Garage Doors?
We do have wi-fi capable openers. We only install Lift-master garage door openers and all models have wi-fi capabilities built in. Wi-Fi enebled garage door openers allow you to use your smartphone and can automatically notify you when the door opens or close and allows Amazon delivery drivers to place your packages securely inside your garage.
Remote control compatibility?
All remotes are not the same. They are not all universally compatible. The code is specific to the manufacturer and the year and change with every year because there are scammers who try to go around opening garage doors to see what they can take. The wireless frequency codes that your remote is programmed with need to be unique and not available to just anyone who buys the same garage door that you did 20 years ago. New garage unique garage codes are the new industry standards and with built in wi-fi you get notified anytime the garage opens anytime you are not the one operating it.