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Commercial Garage Doors

Simply put, a commercial garage door is only a project for an experienced industry expert. Longer ladders, safety harnesses and thousands of pounds tension on a sixty pound torsion spring.

Case Study – EarthTrek (North America’s largest climbing gym) was losing massive amounts of warm air in the winter time and they didn’t want to go a 2nd year without doing something about the massive heat loss problem.

Mechanic’s shops are the most used & abused commercial garage doors




The commercial grade garage doors in a mechanic’s shop needs to be durable and built to last. These doors get used 20+ times a day in the winter time and they need to move quickly to keep the heat from completely escaping. Every moment counts when getting it back up and running. 

Fork Lift Drivers Continue to Create Damage To Commercial Garage Doors




The cost of a broken commercial garage door can mean thousands. That’s why we know every moment counts in getting you back up and running. 

Commercial garage doors are double the size and strength of residential garage doors and need to be more reliable and deisgned for rough use and common accidents. 

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