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Broken Spring Repairs

Broken Spring Replacement

The functionality of your garage door heavily relies on the garage door spring. These springs are of high importance so that without them, your garage door will not open nor close—it needs the springs to power its movement. Because the springs are central to the activities of your garage door, they bear the bulk of the wears whenever you move in and out of your garage. It is for this purpose that every time a garage door develops a fault, the usual suspect is the door spring. If your garage door spring is broken, you need to fix it immediately. If you require broken spring replacement in Denver and its environs, A-1 Garage Doors is the go-to place for you.

Doing It Yourself?

As with many things that require fixing in the house, replacing your broken garage door spring yourself can be tempting. You may think of this as something you can pull off between you, the springs and YouTube. Doing it yourself is, however, highly dissuaded. The garage system is powerful and complicated, and, in the hands of an amateur, may damage the system or become a cause for a big injury. Even if by a stroke of luck you manage to replace your springs, you might have done it the wrong way and may be living under the danger of a future accident.

Your better bet is to let professionals handle your garage door spring replacement. The best bet is to have experts from A-1 Garage Doors handle the procedure for you.

Getting Stuck in Your Garage

This happens all the time. While there are many causes for this, a broken spring is the most frequent reason you got trapped in your garage. It may feel like prison being unable to get out of your garage, don’t panic, contact A-1 Garage Doors and we’ll free you up in a snap.  If this is an emergency or you discover the damage after hours we are open 24/7 365 and will send someone out to fix the problem in 30 minutes. 

Garage Spring Doors Maintenance

Because of the huge stress your springs undergo, carrying your doors up and down, making this round for scores of times in one week, with time the springs will slack and begin to weaken. It is a gradual process lost to you in your need to use the garage. The fact is this, by the time you discover you have a broken door spring, it might have been faulty for a long time which means it kept you and your family in the risk of a serious accident for some time.

The best way is to check and inspect your springs at intervals.

Most Reliable Garage Springs Experts in Denver

The merits of using our service at A-1 Garage Doors are immense. We have a team of experts who have amassed years in the field of garage door spring replacement. They have a vast knowledge of and are at ease with all types of springs, all kinds of spring problems and all brands and setups of garages.

When an A-1 expert comes to your home to replace your garage door springs, they do not just work on it because at A-1 Garage Doors, we are not wired to act narrowly. They would check, at no additional cost to you, whether every other component work well.

As for the replacement springs, you are assured of the best. There are springs that are built to make 10,000 circles, some are built to make as high as 25,000 cycles. Depending on the frequency of usage, we would fit in springs that would serve you and you can rely on for a long time. 

An Important Note About Installation:

For your added security we walk you step by step through programming your remote controls. This will insure that you are the only one with access to your garage and your home. Use caution when allowing a technician from another company to program your remote controls. They could easily program an additional remote control to gain access to your home.