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Christian Dudnick is founder at A1 Garage Doors. His background in as a garage door technician allows him to deliver a comprehensive end to end solution for homeowners. His goal is to make garage doors a snap. He lives with his wife Shannon and has 3 kids, aged 13, 11 and 6. He spends his time as a child care shuttle bus driver on the weekends.

Xai Panuty is our office administrator. She’s been with us for four years and lives with her husband and has a 16 yr. old girl. She really enjoys family time and spending time vacationing and watching movies with them. 

Josh is our Director of Sales, originally from Texas, he makes sure that A1 always has a competitive price in our market for installations and repairs.
In his spare time, he hangs out with his wife and kids, loves the Dallas Cowboys and enjoys going to the gym. 

Anthony Prichard is the marketing director at A1 Garage Doors. He is responsible for the website and creating videos so that you have a better idea of what we do here. He lives in Englewood, CO with his girlfriend and 16 yr. old daughter. He enjoys soccer coaching, skiing and water sports in the summer.

Jeremy is our lead install technician. The current record holder for installing 2 new brand new garage doors in 4:57. He has a wife, lives in Parker, CO and likes to eat BBQ.

Robert has been with A1 for 4 years and is experienced in Commercial Garage Doors and has 

Jay is our decorated military war veteran and has most experience. He holds the FKT (fastest known time) for installing 6 new garage doors in one 9 – 5 shift. loves fishing and camping. He’s a native of Colorado and a decorated veteran of foreign war. A fun fact about Jay is that he was born in Sterling, CO in a farm house that was 850 sf and he lived there with 8 brothers and sisters!

Lance is from Oklahoma originally, he’s well traveled. Currently lives in Centennial and    Has a degree in design engineering and has been installing garage doors for the past 6 years. BBQ’s in his back yard in his free time.

Jim is a mechanic for the city of Parker. On the weekends he works for us at A1 Garage Doors. His son Jimmy just recently started working for us and often they work together as a team.  

Tom is from Tulsa, OK. He has 20 years in retail and 12 years working for Direct TV as a crew supervisor managing 25 technicians. He lives happily with his girlfriend and they enjoy going to concerts and spending time with friends and family. 

Robert is our senior certified commercial garage door technician. He has 11 years experience working for two different companies. He lives in Brighton, CO. Loves taking care of all of our customers and getting it all right the first time.

Seth lives in Wheatridge CO and comes from a background in retail management. Seth has 5 years of experience in garage door repair and installation and his hobbies are music and spending time with his family.  

Jimmy lives in Parker, CO and is an apprentice under his father, Jim. He is learning the industry and garage repair trade through apprenticeship and often rides along with several of our busiest technicians to assist them on large jobs and multiple jobs in one location.  

Dan is from Texas. He’s been self employed for the last 3 years as an owner operator over the road truck driver. Dan is half way through his degree in political science and has a background in framing and remodeling. 

Elijah is from Oklahoma and currently lives in Centennial, CO. He enjoys country music and virtual reality video games.