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9 Reasons That Garage Door Replacements Are So Popular

Has your garage door begun showing signs of wear and tear? If so, you can make beautiful upgrades just as you would with any other part of your home. There are countless custom adjustments homeowners can make to their garage doors. Here are nine key reasons why garage door replacements are such popular home improvement projects.

1. Make a Solid Investment

Your home is an asset that should appreciate in value as long as you make the right decisions and do proper maintenance. So, when considering different home upgrades like garage door replacement, understand how much of a return you’ll receive on that investment. According to HomeLight, a leading real estate resource, installing a new garage door has a 133% average ROI. In other words, when you replace your garage door, you get that money back later on when it comes to your home value or resale price. If you knew an investment was going to pay off, why wouldn’t you go ahead with it? That’s a good way to think of a garage door replacement project.

2. Enjoy More Curb Appeal

Doesn’t it feel nice to drive up to your property and admire your house from outside? Do you want people to be in awe when they walk past your property and notice your lawn, exterior paint, or new custom garage door? You want your home to look stunning when you put it on the market. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon, or ever, creating a sense of curb appeal can increase your property value as well as make you feel good about being a homeowner. With the right curb appeal, your home can stand out on your block, especially if you’re in an area filled with similar houses.

3. Increase Security

Your home is your sanctuary, so you and your family should feel safe at all times. Although nobody likes to consider it, you should always be thinking about ways that your home might be vulnerable to intruders. Intruders can be in human, animal, or even insect form. One of the ways unwelcome guests can get in through your home is through a garage door that’s not stable. If there are any gaps in your garage door when you close it, or if it’s easy to manually put up because it’s malfunctioning, the safety of your home is at risk. If someone notices that your garage door appears to be solid and stable, they may be less likely to attempt to break into it.

4. Provide Insulation

The more you insulate your home, the more comfortable it will be. After all, you don’t want to be sweltering in summer or freezing in winter because of a garage door that can’t properly add to the insulation in your home. Remember, any gaps in your garage door can allow air to come in and can add to heat loss. As long as you’ve covered all the points of insulation in your home, from your garage to your roof to your floors, then you can enjoy energy efficiency that is good for the environment as well as your home budget.

5. Add to Home Design

Have you recently undergone a home remodel? Are you planning on doing a home remodel in 2024? If so, don’t make the mistake of leaving out your garage. An old garage can stick out like a sore thumb if you’ve gone through the effort of improving other elements of your home exterior. Your garage door can take up a significant amount of your exterior space, becoming a key focal point. In other words, it will be highly noticeable, regardless of whether you fix it or not. So, it’s a great idea to replace it when you’re overhauling the rest of your home aesthetic.

6. Showcase New Materials

Gone are the days when everyone had the same cookie-cutter plain white or beige garage door that only moved up or down. When you opt for custom garage doors, you won’t be at a loss for materials, styles, or mechanisms that can make your home stand out. You can have a garage door that’s made from various metals that include custom engravings. Do you miss growing up on a farm or want to capture the feeling of a rustic environment? Why not create a barnyard-style garage door? Do you have some beautiful cars or garage storage that you love showing off to your neighbors? If so, you can have a semi-transparent garage door made of fiberglass. Because of the different materials and colors available, you can easily customize garage door replacements to go with the rest of your home.

7. Make Less Noise

You know a garage may be on its last legs when it begins making an excessive amount of noise whenever you open or close it. If you have to leave early in the morning or come home late at night, the last thing you want to do is be the culprit for noise pollution on your block. Plus, if you have light sleepers in your home, you may interfere with their rest. Don’t forget about your neighbors. You don’t want them giving you the evil eye because they can hear your garage door down the block. New, customized garage door replacements will run and operate smoothly, quietly, and quickly.

8. Prevent Pests

Every homeowner knows that the garage is supposed to protect your car from the elements and theft. It also serves as one of the entry points in your home, so you want to ensure it provides a solid barrier. As mentioned, you don’t want intruders coming through your garage, and you also don’t want smaller ones like snakes, rodents, or anything else looking for a food source coming through. If you live in a very rural area, you may be dealing with furry pests that are always looking for ways to get inside. Don’t make it easy for them by having a garage door that has gaps for them to come through. Opt for a new, improved garage door that keeps pests out.

9. Avoid Injuries and Damage

Last but not least, you don’t want a garage door that could serve as a safety hazard to you or anyone else walking or driving through the space. A malfunctioning garage door can crash down at any time. If that were to happen, it could cause severe injuries to anyone in its path. It can also damage any car driving through the garage area at that time. A faulty garage door is an accident waiting to happen. Avoid potential problems by investing in a new, durable garage door that won’t pose any risk.

There are many reasons why homeowners are opting for garage door replacements, including safety, aesthetics, and more. You want your garage door to be safe and functional, fit your home design, and provide a good return on investment. All these things are possible when you hire the right garage door professionals to assist you. Luckily, we are a team of professionals who can provide custom garage door installation, repairs, maintenance and so much more. To learn about how we can assist you in creating an ideal garage door, contact our team at A1 Garage Doors today for a consultation. We look forward to helping transform your garage, improving your home exterior and curb appeal!

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