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3 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

by Jul 24, 2019Garage Tips

Is your garage perfectly organized, or do you have trouble finding your car under all the stuff you’re storing in there? If you’re like most of us, you’re somewhere in the middle. If your stored items are starting to outgrow your space, it’s time to do a little organizing in your garage.

The goal is to have a space for everything so that you can easily find it and reach it when you need it. Here are three A1 Garage Doors-approved tips for getting things in order.

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Tip 1: Give Yourself Enough Time

Clean-up tasks of this size usually require more time than we anticipate, so make sure you have a couple of consecutive days to devote to organizing your garage. This is the perfect project for a long weekend. Look at the forecast before you plan your project; rainy weather isn’t ideal since you might be pulling bags and other items out of your garage to sort them.

Once you’ve identified an upcoming dry weekend, make the most of your time by getting someone to help you. You could enlist some friends or relatives, or look for helpers online. Whoever you bring in, make sure you give them a plan of action so that their time is spent efficiently.

Tip 2: Sort, Sell, Donate, or Trash

Overcluttered garages are usually full of things we don’t really have a use for, but we hang onto them out of sentimentality or because we think we might need them one day. It’s time to take a hard look at the overflowing inventory and ask yourself what you plan to do with it. One easy method for getting rid of clutter is by separating it into piles and giving each pile a purpose.

First, toss all the items that are actual trash. Then go through the rest of the items with a critical eye. Is it a cherished heirloom? Is it something you’ll use? Does it bring you joy? If it’s not important to you but someone could get some use out of it, donate it or put it up for sale. If you do choose to keep it, make sure you designate a place to store it.

Tip 3: Give Everything a Place

Clutter happens when we have too many things and not enough places to keep them. Everything you decide to keep needs to have its own place where it will be stored. Plastic storage bins are great for this purpose. You can color-code them, stack them, label them, and group them by contents. Don’t buy the bins until you know which things you’ll be storing in them; you don’t want to purchase a lot of them only to find that they’re the wrong size or that they aren’t strong enough to hold the items you intend to put in them.

Don’t forget to utilize your wall space. Peg boards are good places to hang tools within easy reach. Wall-mounted shelves and racks are convenient space-saving solutions. You can find modular wall units with a good mix of cabinets, cubbies, and wire grids to hang things from. There are even sturdy shelving units you can attach to your ceiling for overhead storage. The solutions are endless, and by the time you’re done, there will be a place for everything.

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