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3 Reasons to Upgrade to an Automatic Garage Door Opener

by Jul 31, 2019Garage Doors

Garage door openers are designed to make life easier for you. In today’s hectic world, it seems like our attention is constantly being pulled in many different directions at once. Imagine that you’re coming home from the grocery store. Your children or pets are squirming in the back seat, there’s a news report you’re trying to listen to, someone’s texting you again, and you’re already trying to plan tonight’s dinner. Could you get out and open the garage door, drive your car in there, then get out and shut it again? Of course you could. But you don’t have to!

A1 Garage Doors takes care of all your garage door opener needs. We sell and install Chamberlain Liftmaster garage door openers, and we repair all brands and models. With 20 years of experience in the garage door business, we can recommend the opener that works best for you. Here are some of the reasons our customers have made the switch to automatic garage door openers.Garage Door Opener denver

Reason 1: They Are Extremely Convenient

 Who couldn’t use a little more convenience in their life? When you upgrade to an automatic garage door opener, you can open up your garage with the click of a button. This is a much better solution than having to duck in and out of your vehicle to open and close the garage door every time you leave or arrive. Never again will you have to step out into the rain or snow just to get your vehicle into your garage.

Reason 2: They Improve Your Safety and Security

 You won’t have to leave your kids or pets alone in the vehicle while you get out to open and close your garage door. In fact, you can have the garage open and waiting for you to pull in when you turn the corner onto your street. Some openers even come with automatic lighting controls so that you never have to stumble around in the dark. When you pull your car out from the garage, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the garage door will automatically shut behind you to protect your belongings.

 Automatic garage door openers are safe for you and your family. They automatically close the door once your car is in place, and the safety sensors on your garage door prevent it from shutting if anything is in its path. This is a wonderful safety measure to have in place, especially if you have animals or small children.

 Reason 3: They Use Technology to Your Advantage

 Automatic garage door openers are “smarter” than ever before. They can light up your garage and your pathway so that you can see where you’re going at night or in bad weather. You can even connect them to your smartphone and control them through convenient apps. This technology allows you to check in and make sure your garage door is closed, even when you’re away from home. It can also sound an alarm to alert you when your garage door is open. Talk about peace of mind!

 A1 Garage Doors: Your Denver Garage Door Opener Experts

 Automatic garage door openers make our lives easier, safer, and more secure. You can remove some of the hassle from your day by upgrading to one now! Just give A1 Garage Doors a call. Our experienced technicians will help you find the very best opener for your needs. We are a family-owned business that proudly serves Denver, CO, and the surrounding and outlying areas. We look forward to making your garage more convenient for you!